Callanish Healing®

Healing Services

I hold a space for all of you who seeking healing in order to live life more fully in relationship with a loving universe. Here you will experience unconditional support as you face your challenges and life transitions.

This work is most effective for those who wish to be actively involved in their own healing. People who are drawn to this work may be in times of crisis, transition, or simply in learning to live as a conscious human being in the midst of both their joys and their challenges. You will have the chance to explore your questions of spirituality, meaning, and the nature of personal healing. Betty specializes in helping people integrate their healing into their everyday life

Benefits of Healing Sessions:

The healing work practiced by Betty Caldwell has an impact on the physical, emotional, spiritual and energy levels simultaneously, and may manifest up to 6 months after a treatment. This work will stimulate your own innate healing capacity. In addition, you will learn skills and strategies on how to be more effectively involved in your own healing. Some reasons people come for healing sessions include their:

  • Hunger for partnership in bringing change in the world
  • Wish for support for in the resolution of conflicts
  • Wish for support and insight in the face of overwhelming challenges
  • Commitment to transform circumstances that are diminishing their sense of self
  • Hunger for a broader spiritual context for making sense of life
  • Knowledge that physical symptoms would benefit from a holistic approach
  • Desire to do inner work as they launch new ventures in the world
  • Pure joy of learning to engage in a process of awakening to life more deeply

For more information, please contact Betty at (410) 314-2916, or