Callanish Healing®

Yellowstone Awakening

Callanish Stone Essences: Yellowstone Awakening

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What is the new Yellowstone Awakening Essence©?

This essence was co-created by Betty Caldwell with the spirit of the place on a misty morning in the beautiful Swan Lake Flats in Yellowstone National Park. This is a rare essence, the first one ever created in the glorious wilds of the park.

Healing Properties

Working with this essence in meditation or for daily support, you will experience it

  • Gently but powerfully accelerates your full-hearted personal growth through new insights into the meaning of your life’s journey
  • Opens up surprising new awareness of the significance of your life challenges
  • Heightens your sense of connection to the world around you, from its stone foundations to the plants, trees, waterways, animal life, mists and mountains and the universal creative force
  • Provides ongoing dynamic new awareness that seemingly just “dawns” on you

Those who have experienced this essence have discovered:

  • New understanding of personal events that have been a source of mystery for much of their lifetime
  • Release of stress and driven behavior leading to greater inner peace
  • A greater sense of inner freedom and joy in daily life


1 fl.oz.
Choose between brandy or vegetable glycerin as a preservative.
Note that those with the glycerin preservative also contain 1 drop of brandy per 1 ounce bottle.

Price: $24.95