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Callanish Stone Essences: The Standing Stones®

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What is the new Standing Stones Essence®?

product_callandishStoneEssenceThere is a long and respected tradition of healing with essences derived from nature. In the 1930’s Dr. Edward Bach, a British physician, set out to discover remedies that would treat the whole person. He was the first to develop and treat patients with a system of flower essences. Over the years, healers and others have made great contributions as the have discovered how to develop and use essences derived from flowers, gems and the environment. In this tradition, the Standing Stones Essence® was co-created by Betty Caldwell with the spiritual collective manifesting at the Standing Stones of Callanish in Scotland. It is the first of its kind and is the first in a series of Callanish Stone Essences® which are to be offered to the public.

Healing Properties

In a time of seemingly intractable divisiveness within the hearts and minds of individuals and in the world at large, this essence is offered for all who are seeking to co-create unimagined levels of new possibilities in themselves and for the sake of the world.

Working with this essence offers a profound and enduring sense of reconnection:

  • to previously inaccessible parts of yourself
  • to humanity as a whole
  • to  the richness of the spiritual world, no longer disconnected by your humanness
  • to the joy and sacredness of life

Those who have experienced the essence have discovered:

  • Access to a new world of possibilities, beyond what they have imagined
  • New experiences of overcoming divisiveness and working collaboratively
  • A means to stay laser focused and on task effortlessly, with less inner struggle and distraction
  • Abiding calm in the midst of overwhelming personal challenges

Recommended for you if you

• Are seeking a higher level of personal healing and consciousness

• Are called to contribute your gifts to the greater society

•Are a member of intentional communities, healers, earth workers, the            flower/gem/environmental essences communities

  •  Are drawn to the Stones of Callanish

Callandish Stone Essence

1 fl.oz.
Choose between brandy or vegetable glycerin as a preservative.
Note that those with the glycerin preservative also contain 1 drop of brandy per 1 ounce bottle.

Price: $24.95