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Stones and Personal Healing

Stones and Personal Healing

Mar 24, 2015

I’m convinced that the generous and gracious universe has left us tools for transformation literally at our fingertips. That in certain places there are easily accessible stones that hold an embodied consciousness. In my experience it is not just the amazing standing stones that so intrigue us, but, more simply, it is the rocks on the beaches and trails, in gardens and valleys that attract us. We carry them in our pockets and have them on our bedside tables. I now know that certain ones hold not only our memories of special places, but also an enduring energy imprint and access to specific states of consciousness that are personally transformative.

Several years ago when I was traveling in Nova Scotia, I made a special trip to a place I had noticed on the map called Blue Rocks Beach thinking I might find some unique healing stones there. Once there I took in the ramshackle fishermen’s homes overlooking the stony beach, and then set about selecting several stones.

Back home, I noticed that clients who were dealing with bouts of anxiety spontaneously reached out and held one particular blue stone, saying they always felt much calmer as they held it. One person who was to undergo surgery for ovarian cancer took it right into surgery with her! (It must have been a first for the surgeon.)

Curious about the healing potential, I decided one evening to take it to a class I was teaching for high school students on overcoming test anxiety. One young woman in particular suffered greatly from anxiety that destroyed her test scores. With no fanfare or explanation I simply said to her, “Hold this.” Instantly, her expression changed, her eyes grew wide, and she said, “Wow, I feel calm! Is it the rock?”

She then questioned me very closely: Where did I get it? Did I go there just to find it? Did I know it would make people calm? Having violated my own decision never to mix my work as a healer with that of my secular work in the schools, I grew increasingly uncomfortable. After all, parents were paying for their students to learn to study, not to experiment with rocks. So I laughed and said, “So if you are not in class next week, I’ll know your father thought this was too weird!” She looked me right in the eye and said, “Or, if I’m not in class next week, it will be because my father is driving me to Blue Rocks Beach.”

With further research, I have learned the amazing history of the Blue Rocks Beach area. It is an ancient place and was formed about 3.6 billion years ago when the tectonic plates of what we now call Africa collided with Nova Scotia. It is recognized as a world class fossil site and is believed to be the place where ancient amphibians first crawled ashore to become land creatures. It is clearly an important place on the planet, steeped in the history of a grand evolutionary moment. It holds the consciousness of change, of tranquility in the face of upheaval. That is also its healing presence.

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