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Revealing the World as Sacred

Revealing the World as Sacred

Feb 13, 2015

Having my own life-changing experience with the spirits on one of the Western islands of Scotland, I have been hungry to discover the stories of others who have reported similar encounters over time. Since ancient times, Celtic spirituality has related to the world as a sacred place with every aspect of nature filled with sacred consciousness. As the author Frank MacEowen notes, “…the Celtic spirit is pure soul and pure mysticism. Be it the healing energy of a tree, a time of silence at a river’s edge, or a moment of prayer at the hearth, the heart of the Celtic spirit is about blending with direct experience.”

As a healer, one of my life’s quests is to seek out new ways to provide access to greater healing in all of its dimensions. Having worked with healing stones and plant essences in my practice, I envisioned working with the spirit of the Callanish stones to co-create an essence that could be made widely available.

Few people have the opportunity to visit this place of mystery on a remote island. I found the idea of an essence that could provide healing for people at the level of consciousness, opening up new possibilities for those who seek it wherever they live in the world was irresistible. The world is hungry for experiencing wholeness, moving beyond this era of destructive divisions we see at work in the world. The Callanish Stone Essence® is the result of this vision. I invite you to experience it to help ground it in the world and to open up new vistas in your own life.