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About Betty

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Betty is introducing a radically new form of healing developed from her work at the Standing Stones of Callanish, located on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland. As a result of engaging in this work, one client experienced  a sudden and unexpected reconciliation in a seemingly intractable conflict. Some are pain free from acute injuries and chronic conditions. Others are noting a sense of deep peace allowing them to concentrate for long periods of time, while others are now able to sleep well after years of insomnia. The experience of finding new and unexpected sources of support is widely shared.

Betty is the first person to develop a Stone Essence from the Standing Stones of Callanish to support a unique healing process both on its own and in conjunction with her consultations.


Betty Caldwell is a healer with a private practice located in Maryland. Throughout her life, Betty has been guided by her great curiosity on how best to understand the human experience,  to connect more fully with the spiritual realm and how she can be a healing presence in our world.

She has a Masters degree in Counseling, and has pursued in-depth studies of advanced forms of healing for body mind and spirit for over 30 years. She is certified by both the Barbra Brennan School of Healing based on the Human Energy-Consciousness System and the highly respected Society of Souls which teaches the revolutionary Nondual Kabbalistic Healing work of Jason Shulman.

As a holistic therapist, she works with the tools of intuition, psychological insight, natural essences, energy healing, nondual kabbalistic healing and now Callanish Healing.

Prior to her work as a healer, her career history involved directing health education in the Peace Corps in West Africa, staffing the White House Task Force on Women, and serving as national Vice President of an organization dedicated to ending childhood hunger. Her work has been recognized nationally in such publications as the Resource Guide for Complementary Practitioners for Cancer Survivors and Their Caregivers and Healing Outside the Margins.


Betty is available in person or by phone for

  • individual healing sessions
  • consulting with healers in emerging areas of consciousness

For more information and to arrange for an appointment, call (410) 314-2916 or email to arrange for an initial free consultation to see if this is the work for you.