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Welcome to the Betty Caldwell and Callanish Healing® website. Betty is a healer dedicated to supporting individuals  to live from a place of inner wholeness and infinite possibilities. The Standing Stones® is the first in a new line of stone essences.

Please enjoy my Mystical Isle video to savor the stone essence’s spirit of place on “How the Essence Works” page. 

Watch a short 3 minute video to see the amazing story of how the Essence came into being and what you can expect when you use it. Recommended for those using it for personal support as well as for practitioners wishing to know how and when to use it with clients. Go to the Healing Products page, How to Use the Essence


This healing work is named for the Callanish Standing Stones, constructed over 5,000 years ago on the Isle of Lewis in the Western-most islands of Scotland. These tall and beautiful stones, featured in the banner of this website, were carved from stone which had been formed over 3 billion years ago. Today visitors come from around the globe to connect with the stones, for their beauty, power, and an indefinable something special. I have worked for several years with the spiritual presences I encountered there, eventually bringing forth a new form of healing, including a healing essence available to all.

Suppose, in the midst of all of the divisiveness of our world,
We could personally connect with an infinite source of unbroken wholeness?
And that it could manifest in a joyous reunion
Of the alienated aspects of our self and of our world?

Suppose we all remembered that life is sacred.
And that the natural course of life is
To live with that awareness in every moment and
Every transaction of our life?

Suppose the world beyond our world
Were visible
Offering unimagined new possibilities
For life on earth?

This is the vision I hold.
Please join me in this work.